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Version: 0.19


FatNose Münliner ssto (stock)


Primary focused to be easy to use this SSTO has an impressive 5500ms ∆v at takeoff (this without considering the extra fuel to feed the 8 TurboJets) that will bring you at LKO with enough ∆v to do some orbital maneuvers and then burn and land on Mün and fly back without need of extra fuel.
If you need to link your Mün base (and Mün is an hard place to fly with) this is your tool.
The ship design will allow you to use MechJeb to assist you to land both on muns than kerbin, the ship is deeply tested and can automatically glide and land at the KSC runaway.
The downloadable craft is full stock (vanilla parts) and a MechJeb module need to be installed in Hanger.
Some Notes:
On mun landing you need the liquid engines to be on in order to rise the TWR to an acceptable value.


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